Alhamdulillah, by the Grace of Allah Almighty and the undaunted efforts of charismatic and enthusiastic personality and guidance of worthy Principal of the college, Sir Prof. Muhammad Awais,  we are very pleased to announce the launching of e-Portal of Govt. Shalimar Postgraduate College, Baghbanpuara, Lahore.

Teachers, Students and Parents are attached with the college are requested to install the following app in their android phones to get access to all resources of the college including personal data, class and subject information, college calendar, time table, attendance, fee vouchers, test, results, notifications and much more.

You can also access the portal using the following link:


3 Thoughts to “Shalimar College has launched its E-Portal for Teachers, Students and Parents”

  1. Muhammad Ikram Urdu department

    It is graeat honour for Principal Muhammad Awais sb and all teaching staff and non teaching staff. Credit goes to professor Abdul Hameed HOD computer science department. Milions of congragulations to the worthy Principal and Vice Principal.

    1. admin

      Thanks a lot sir for your encouragement. Jazak Allah

  2. Laiba ikram

    MashAllah MashAllah proud of our college💗

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